Volunteer Opportunities to Help Brighten the Future!

If you are one of the many people in our neighborhood who would like to make the world a better place, there are plenty of opportunities to do so right here, at Riverwalk Homes, formerly known as Evergreen Terrace. Here are some of the programs which could use some volunteers:

  • after-school programs to help kids with reading and mathematics;
  • help for older kids with civics, advanced math, and the basic skills and knowledge to be productive citizens;
  • help for adults studying for high school or higher diplomas in order to acquire the skills for decent jobs;
  • help with Riverwalk’s new food pantry, coordinated with the St. Johns pantry and open to anyone in the community;
  • the annual Back to School Fair the Saturday before school starts;
  • and
  • in the spring and fall, Riverwalk’s organic garden.

We suggest that anyone with a few hours a month to spare seriously consider using that time to help a person in need of knowledge, skills, and encouragement.

For more information, call Bob Nachtrieb at 815-722-0261 or Liz Protich, Program Manager at Riverwalk Homes, at 815-770-5672. Either Bob or Liz can provide you the application form, or you can download it here: Riverwalk Vol Application.