Need a new sure footing?

We all know that old houses can come with “old house problems” and old neighborhoods come with “old neighborhood problems”. For anyone who goes on walks through the neighborhood, the problem of broken or heaved sidewalk is all too common a sight. Well, CAPA would like to try and help with this problem. This year we are launching a new grant aimed at assisting any resident who wishes to repair the sidewalk in front of their house, if they are being repaired as a part of the City of Joliet’s 50/50 program.  For those unfamiliar with the 50/50 program, the City pays for 50% of the repair cost and the homeowner pays the other 50%. This new grant would assist the homeowner and pay half of their portion of the repair work. Any resident interested must first petition the City to be added to the 50/50 program (there is a waiting list). Once the City has added you to the waitlist, simply fill out the application ‘FOUND BELOW and return it and the required documentation to This program is on a first come, first serve basis with a cap at $3,000 for this year’s program. Thank you and thank you for helping keep out neighborhood safe and sound.

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