Okay everyone. YES, the garage sale is on for 2022 and it is coming up quickly. It will be Th, Fri, and Sat– Aug 4,5, and 6. As in the past, there are many participants. This is your chance to pass off your wares, and get some new ones from your neighbors…

If you want to participate, you need to get in your Full name, Address, Phone and the days you plan to sell. You will send this info to Send it ONLY here and do so by July 22nd. We need the full information in order to include you into the group garage sale permit. In other words, this is free to you! This is also so we can include your place on the garage sale map. No names, just addresses. This is your chance to de-clutter. Spread the word to your friends. Lets clean house!

Again, send the following info to, subject GARAGE SALE:

-Name (first and last)
-Phone number
-List the day(s) you want to participate (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Answers to FAQs:
-All advertising is paid for and organized by CAPA
-You can participate all 3 days or any number of days that work for you
-Lists/Maps will be available at select locations and on online venues
-You may elect to print your own (lists/maps will be sent via email)
-Advertised hours will be 9am-4pm. You can extend the time of your sale if you choose to do so.

All participants of the Garage Sale need to be members of CAPA. Membership is $15 per year or $40 for three years. CAPA will continue to organize, advertise, develop lists/maps, and pay the permit fee for the Garage Sale. If you are unsure whether you are a member, you can email to inquire. If you are not a member, you can join HERE or request one from either email listed above.

See you in a few weeks!

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