Join the Conquer CAPA challenge!

The Conquer CAPA Challenge is here

This challenges all takers to really get to know the CAPA neighborhood. The goal is to walk every block within the boundaries before Labor Day. This is not a race, this is about perseverance and observation.

How to take on the challenge:

This is run thru AtlasGO. You will click the atlas link below and it will take you to the sign up.

One you sign up, then you will proceed do download their app to your mobile device and you can begin. Make sure you join the challenge FIRST before installing the app. The app will track the time and miles every time you tell it to, such as when you begin a walk or bike ride in the neighborhood. It will NOT track your specific route. To track that you can use one of the popular fitness apps such as Map My Run or Strava if you are familiar with them. This will keep all those walks so you can track the streets you have covered. But then, here is the non tech part and FUN part. Print the OFFICIAL CHALLENGE MAP and mark down the streets you covered until you have them all. You can post pictures of your map trails as you go to encourage others!

That will be 18 miles!!! And since it is impossible not to repeat streets, even the most well planned route strategy will still take a person about 21 miles. What a great accomplishment!

The AtlasGO app is fun. This is set up as one big Conquer CAPA team. Lets make a large team. We encourage everyone to post photos and comments of interesting things you see along your walks. Be on the look out for random trivia questions during the challenge!

The cost of the challenge is $25. You will need to provide a t-shirt size and there will be prizes.

Fun Prizes will be given for various accomplishments. Most miles, longest time, most photos, etc. and answers to some trivia. Just have fun! If you have a problem, message us and we will do our best to help.

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