CAPA’s Zoning Director, Barry McCue, monitors plans and petitions brought before the Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals which could affect the Cathedral Area.  He also watches listings of Cathedral Area residential properties for sale that might cease to be owner-occupied and instead become rentals.

Additionally, CAPA Vice President Bob Nachtrieb, and former CAPA Zoning Director, is a Commission Member on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Barry serves as CAPA’s link to the City’s Department of Neighborhood Services for reporting problems Cathedral Area residents have with neighborhood rental properties or tenants.  The purpose of all this is to preserve the stable residential character of the Cathedral Area that comes from the preponderance of properties being occupied and cared for by their owners.

The housing crisis has led to many unsold homes remaining on the market for a long time and to falling asking prices.  Several landlords have been purchasing some of these homes in the Cathedral Area and elsewhere and turning them into rentals.  Some of these have already become nuisances for neighbors.  Landlords of course have the right to buy from, and sellers have the right to sell to, anyone with whom an agreement is reached.  Neighbors, however, have the right to live in a quiet, stable, crime- and nuisance-free neighborhood.  This set of circumstances will be Barry’s focus for the foreseeable future.

Barry needs all the eyes and ears he can get.  If you experience or witness a problem with a rental property in your neighborhood, or if a property near you becomes vacant or seems to be abandoned, or has a new for sale sign out front, please feel free to call Barry at (815) 353-3205 or email him at Baba7405@gmail.com.  If what you experience or witness is or might be a crime in progress, call the Joliet Police on 911 first and then let Barry know.