Holiday Homes 2021

Like in 2020, when many things and procedures in life were a bit different, 2021 has proven to be more of the same. What remains steadfast in all of this IS the Holiday Spirit found throughout our beautiful neighborhood. The range of home styles found street to street, block to block, a true melting pot of architectural diversity, is also found in Holiday decorating. Everyone chooses to express their joy and celebration in varying and unique ways. From a softly illuminated single strand of colored lights around the street light post to displays that eliminate the very need for street lights, the homes in this neighborhood show it all. That being said, each year CAPA recognizes three homes for their Christmas spirit. Not that any home is the best or better than any other, simply that they stood out on a given day. In no particular order, here are those three.

806 Buell. Perfect icicle lights on three levels and tasteful symmetry. Well done!
515 Mack St. Harking back to simple times and sticking with a theme. The only thing that would make this display better is a soft blanket of snow.
601 Campbell. Picturesque and simple. The wrapped columns and railing garland drapes certainly welcome in the Holidays like in decades past.

These homeowners will be receiving their recognition prizes shortly.

CAPA thanks everyone for their continued participation in the pursuit of our mission statement:

The Cathedral Area Preservation Association (CAPA) of Joliet, is a not
for profit neighborhood organization dedicated to preserving, maintaining
and promoting the Cathedral Area. CAPA strives to develop a prosperous
community though historic preservation education and promotion of respect
for old homes.

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